For Buyers

From first time buyer to seasoned investor, each client is unique. Our years of experience have shown that for success, any potential relationship should start with an in-depth, initial consultation. This is a meeting where we interview each other to see if there is a “fit”. For us, the more we can learn through a structured questioning the better we are able to: fine tune the process; avoid wasting everyone’s time; and maximize the potential for success.

We question, we probe but most of all, we listen. At the same time, our prospective clients get a feel for how we work, what our knowledge base is and how we keep on top of the market, and determine if personalities mesh. For most buyers, buying a property becomes an intense, relatively short term relationship. Partnership and trust in our ability to do the best possible job for our clients is critical.

For us, our standard is to earn our clients respect in the initial transaction with our eye on being the experts they call upon in the future.

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