For Sellers

Marketing, positioning, differentiating your property. Identifying, reaching, and capturing your buyer pool. These are our drivers! We are not interested in listing. We are interesting in selling. The Internet has transformed this market and we have focused our resources, attention and time on leveraging this tool to maximize our sellers’ exposure to their target market.

Partnership with our sellers is nowhere more critical than here. It starts, and ends, with pricing that is based upon our years of experience and knowledge of the market for each property we list. We don’t stop there. Understanding and targeting the population of buyers most likely to be interested in the property is key. The pictures we use, the forums we present properties in, the copy we write, the creativity with which we position and then constantly review the selling strategy designed for each property among ourselves, are all focused on being activists in the sale of your property.

We want to sell your home at the best price and conditions possible.

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